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How Did You Get That Dream Job? Explore Your Options With a Traineeship!
This is a great opportunity for parents and recent school leavers to learn about the program and to discover that traineeships can lead to successful, meaningful, professional jobs – with great salaries and outstanding career prospects.

Jan 28, 2021 06:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Gabrielle Snell
Events Coordinator @Siena College
Due to pursuing so many arts subjects in high school, Gabrielle Snell, didn’t get the results she was hoping for after year 12. So, in 2017 she took on an ArtsReady traineeship at Siena College as an Arts and Technology Technician and studied a Certificate III in Business. Thanks to her traineeship with the college, she was able to explore other departments and found that events was her true calling and was given the opportunity to work on the events team. Upon graduating she took on a second traineeship at the college and once completing her studies she was offered full-time employment as their Events Coordinator. “Without my ArtsReady traineeship, I would not be here. Actually, I don’t think I would even be in the industry I am in today. Thanks to my traineeship I found my passion in life.”
Jason Hinde
Sales Consumer and Services Officer @North Melbourne Football Club
Jason took on a traineeship in 2015 at Woodleigh School in Victoria and studied a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. He felt the pressures of year 12 and wasn’t sure which road to go down so he decided he would give teaching a go to see if it was the industry for him. After completing his traineeship, the school offered him ongoing work as the Assistant to the Director of Sports. Although Jason loved working at Woodleigh, he decided to venture out into the sporting world and was offered a role with North Melbourne Football Club. He believes his traineeship gave him all the skills and knowledge he needed to get a foot in the door of an industry he loves.
Bellamore Ndayikeze
Youth Programs Coordinator @Edmund Rice Centre WA Youth Deputy Ambassador
Bella took on a traineeship at the WA Football Commission in 2015 and studied a Certificate III and IV in Business. She came to Australia as a refugee, not knowing anything about AFL football but she believes once she understood the game everything for her changed. The AFL SportsReady traineeship allowed her to learn, understand and play football which she feels gave her a sense of purpose. Bella excelled in her traineeship and was named the WA 2015 Trainee of the Year and after completing her traineeship she was offered ongoing employment. She also started coaching AFL and at the age of 15 she was named the Assistant Coach for the first Multicultural AFL team as well as the first black African coach in Australia. “AFL SportsReady gave me a platform to make something out of my life and helped me to find my purpose all while providing me with someone there to lean on for guidance.”